Sunday, January 24, 2010

Young Naturalist Winter Waterfowl Walk Field Notes

An enthusiastic group of seasoned and beginner birders, including myself, Vinny and Brent, embarked on a waterfowl extravaganza on Saturday January 23, netting us 22 species of duck and 43 species total for the day. Highlights included the sight of a red tailed hawk tearing apart a gull and the incredible visual of anywhere from 20,000-40,000 greater scaup off of Morgan Park in Glen Cove. The raft was never ending!!!!! Another exciting find? A blue morph snow goose at Sunken Meadow SP, a first for me. At the Mill Pond in Oyster Bay a dozen northern pintails were in view and at Tung Ting Pond in Centerport, we had about 75 canvasbacks. Green winged teal were also spotted at this location. Led by John Turner and Vinny Pellegrino in the am, with myself taking over as co-leader in the afternoon, the day was fun, birdy AND we were thrilled to see new faces!!

Species seen for day:

fish crow
snow goose
northern flicker
red tailed hawk
canada goose
common merganser
hooded merganser
red breasted merganser
american wigeon
red head duck
northern pintail
american coot
long tailed duck
greater scaup
lesser scaup
great blue heron
ring necked duck
american black duck
mute swan
dark eyed junco
song sparrow
white throated sparrow
red bellied woodpecker
horned grebe
red throated loon
common looon
northern mockingbird
common goldeneye
barrows goldeneye
downy woodpecker
green winged teal
carolina wren
belted kingfisher
rock pigeon
house sparrow
starling (gotta count these birds for the day!)
ring billed gull
herring gull

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